Tips for Owners to Clean, Secure Property and Avoid Nuisances

privatepropertyDid you know that in Fresno County it is a property owner’s responsibility to secure and maintain their property, taking reasonable steps to protect against and/or prevent code violations and nuisances that pose fire, health and/or public safety risks? Property owners must also secure and properly monitor their property, removing trespassers as well as trash and debris.

Fresno County has put together the following guidelines and checklist to aid property owners in the cleanup of unsafe conditions and securing your property:

  1. Call 811 before you, or a professional, begin a cleanup that may require digging on your property. After you call, Underground Service Alert will contact companies that have underground lines in your area.
  2. Assemble or hire a cleanup crew. Contact your local area trash hauler for solid waste (non-hazardous) disposal. Depending on the trash/debris on site, you may need to have the hauler deliver a roll off trash bin/dumpster. For trash/debris that needs to be hauled to the landfill, the Fresno County Public Works & Planning – Resources Division can provide a voucher up to $40 to offset the cost of the landfill fees (equivalent of 2 pickup loads).
  3. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) includes household chemicals, paint, household batteries, sharps/needles, electronic waste such as TV monitors, computers, and small electronic devices. Limited HHW can be dropped off at no charge for Fresno County residents at the Regional HHW Facility located at the American Avenue Disposal Site in Kerman. Drop off hours for residents are Saturdays (except holiday weekends): 9am-12pm (noon).
  4. The Fresno County Department of Public Health – Environmental Health Division (EHD) can provide a sharps/needles disposal container upon request. Sharps/needles can be disposed of at the Regional HHW Facility (see “Turning It Around Recycling Directory” or contact the Resources Division). For additional questions on sharps disposal or hazardous waste information, please contact EHD.
  5. Medications/Pharmaceutical (no sharps) can be discarded at drop boxes located at Police Depts. and the Sheriff’s Office (see “Turning It Around Recycling Directory” or contact the Rx Lock It Up Project.
  6. Overgrown trees and brush provide cover for camping and illegal activity. If these conditions are present on a property, contact a tree trimming company for removal.
  7. Contact a fencing company to secure the property. The most successful fences are the 6-foot chain-link with barbed wire.
  8. Obtain several 17” X 22” NO TRESPASSING and/or PRIVATE PROPERTY signs.
  9. Look into a property management company to ensure the property is always monitored.
  10. Contact the Sheriff’s Office once you have organized your cleanup plan (hauler has been contacted and cleanup crew assembled) to schedule a cleanup date with the Sheriff.
  11. The cleanup must occur immediately after the trespassers have been removed by the Sheriff’s Office. Note: Sheriff’s Office must provide a 7-day notice to the trespassers prior to cleanup.
  12. Once the County is made aware of the trespassers, homeless advocates will be alerted to the site to offer services.

You can download the official brochure containing these guidelines and more information HERE. Brochure is also available in Spanish and Hmong.

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