New Mental Health Treatment Facility Opens in Fresno County


Today the The County of Fresno Department of Behavioral Health joined with Central Star Behavioral Health (a program of Stars Behavioral Health Group) to announce the grand opening of a new Crisis Residential Treatment (CRT) Center in Fresno!

The Fresno CRT (nicknamed The CRU, pronounced “Crew”) is a voluntary short term 16-bed recovery-based program for adults ages 18 to 59 with a duration of up to a 30-day stay. The CRT offers a home-like setting for adults experiencing serious psychotic episodes or intense emotional distress who might otherwise face hospitalization and/or incarceration. CRU residents practice real-world recovery by performing daily household activities, along with learning basic living skills, social/interpersonal skills, and the coping skills necessary to successfully transition back into the community.

Services are provided 24/7 and include assessment, physical and psychological evaluation, mental health and case management services, in addition to assistance locating permanent housing and linkage to other community resources. This new facility is expected to be open to accept clients later this fall.

For more information and referrals, call (559) 860-4422 or visit

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