Higher. Further. Faster. – Captain Marvel Set for Release this Friday!


~Fresno County locations will be featured in upcoming Blockbuster release~

After being teased in Avengers: Infinity Wars, Marvel fans’ wait will soon be over as Captain Marvel is set for release on March 8, 2019. Local Captain Marvel fans will have the added bonus of seeing Shaver Lake showcased in the project, as the feature filmed in the area in May of 2018.

Captain Marvel was a very California-encompassing project, with filming locations that took the production all over Central and Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County and Fresno County.

The production first reached out to Fresno County in August 2017. After working with Fresno County and Southern California Edison staff to secure the selected locations, more than 250 cast and crew arrived in the Shaver Lake area in May 2018. Production crew stayed in Shaver for nearly three weeks, which included time spent for set builds prior to the cast arrival.

With an infusion of over 250 temporary residents into the Shaver Lake area, the Marvel production crew were welcome guests, ingratiating themselves with the local community and business owners.  The crew reciprocated the fond sentiments, expressing how much they enjoyed their time in Shaver, and the warm welcome they received from the Shaver community. For the exemplary work done by this production while on location, Captain Marvel was recently recognized as Location Team of the Year, and Location Professional of the Year (for Location Manager Ilt Jones) at the California On Location Awards.

In addition to filming in Shaver Lake, Fresno County will also be represented in Captain Marvel by the 144th Fighter Wing stationed at the Fresno Air National Guard Base. Multiple Airmen from the 144FW as well as four F-15C Eagles were used for various scenes during the filming.

Captain Marvel is the first Marvel Studios film to shoot primarily in California since 2013, after being selected to receive tax credits under California’s Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0. The filming of Captain Marvel brought significant spending to regions across the state, including $427,000 in spending in Fresno County for lodging and local purchases. Captain Marvel was one of 31 productions filmed in Fresno County in 2018, resulting in an economic impact of over $1 million.

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