Beaver Slide Repair Updates

UPDATE June 10, 2019: We are pleased to announce that Huntington Lake Road will be officially open on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. Work began to repair damaged portions of the road barely two weeks ago. The repair has gone exceptionally well and the road is planned to open well ahead of schedule. Check out the latest updates, including photos and video of the repair site here –

NOTICE May 23, 2019: Huntington Lake Road is closed to public traffic just north of the community of Big Creek, CA and just south of Stump Springs Road, due to a landslide commonly referred to as “Beaver Slide.”

The County is working alongside Cal Fire, Southern California Edison and USDA High Sierra Forest Service to develop and fund a plan to make necessary repairs to the slide area that will, at a minimum, allow safe emergency transportation over the roadway prior to the peak fire season.

A community meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM this Wednesday, May 15 at the Southern California Edison Community Center in Big Creek, focus on the current status of Huntington Lake Road and the intentions/plan to restore the road.

Please check for updates and information as work progresses.

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