Fresno County reminds community to avoid large gatherings and continue COVID-19 prevention measures over Labor Day weekend

distanceThe Labor Day holiday weekend is this weekend. While traditionally the holiday is a time for many to come together in celebration with family and friends, this year the County of Fresno is reminding residents to celebrate safely while staying apart and avoiding gatherings in the ongoing effort to combat COVID-19.

“Fresno County can’t move forward in our recovery unless we all work together to help slow the spread of the virus,” says Buddy Mendes, Chairman of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors. “Social gatherings continue to be among the leading sources of exposure and spread of COVID-19 so it is important to avoid these high-risk activities so we can continue moving in the right direction.”

The County is reminding residents that taking simple steps such as avoiding non-essential outings and gatherings with people outside of your household, maintaining at least six feet of physical distancing, and properly wearing face coverings when social distancing cannot be achieved will help to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In addition to protecting public health and safety, these measures will help to decrease case numbers, ease demand on local healthcare resources, and ultimately allow for the safe reopening of businesses and activities that have remained closed due to the virus.

“Fresno County has made great strides in our efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, but there remains a lot of work to do,” says Dr. Rais Vohra, Fresno County Interim Health Officer. “We understand the importance of spending time together and we share the frustrations brought by continued separation and isolation. But it is critical that we all remain vigilant in our collective efforts so as not to undo the progress that has been made and advance in our collective recovery.”

In an effort to minimize gatherings at County parks, Fresno County will continue to operate parks at 50% capacity, offer masks and provide health screenings to those entering throughout the weekend. Once 50% capacity is met, each park will be closed to additional traffic until vehicles leave the park and re-entry will not be allowed.

“High temperatures and holidays lead to large crowds looking to cool off, which is expected and understandable,” says Fresno County Sheriff, Margaret Mims. “We want everyone to have fun and enjoy their time, but under these circumstances we each have the added responsibility to help keep others healthy through social distancing and the wearing of masks. We encourage park visitors to practice appropriate safety measures, exercise patience and respect for others, and follow the rules so that everyone may enjoy a much-needed break.”

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