Fresno County approves sale of UMC Campus


The Fresno County Board of Supervisors has approved the sale of 33 acres on the old University Medical Center campus at Cedar Avenue and Kings Canyon Road to Fresno-based Construction Management Group (CMG). CMG plans to renovate the facility, which has gone unused as a hospital for 12 years, with about 800 housing units, about 40% of which will be dedicated to affordable housing.

Finalization of the $4 million sale is expected to be completed by December 24 at the expected close of escrow. County offices currently located on the property will remain in place as staff work to transition operations to other facilities over the next few years.

The property has been owned by the County since January 11, 1887 when it was deeded for 9,600 gold coins of the United States of America. A hospital was first established here in the late 1800’s, though it was later destroyed by a fire. A new hospital replaced the earlier structures in 1906.

The hospital has gone through numerous expansions, upgrades, and demolitions throughout the years and is now composed of two 6-story towers, with a 4-story connecting wing, and various low-rise additions. The hospital buildings vary in size from 741 square feet to 178,233 square feet, totaling 412,280 square feet.

In 2007, the hospital stopped its operations, as the facilities were obsolete relative to current requirements and standard medical practices, and has since remained vacant.

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